Maintaining the look
without the maintenance

Eurowood comes in a variety of finishes from striking simplicity accentuating clean lines to the warm look and feel of timber - all without the associated maintenance issues of timber, and with the added benefits of aluminium.


Our weatherboards are finished in a sublimation process to match popular wood finishes, powdercoated or anodised, to suit your exterior colour scheme. Matching flashings and mouldings ensure quick installation and a flawless result. While standard weatherboards need to be repainted many times throughout the life of a home, aluminium weatherboards deliver a future free of wet paint.


Eurowood’s unique cavity clip weatherboard fixing system contributes to creating a drier, more comfortable home all year round. We also have a  variety of  cladding design and finish options.


Eurowood is available in a variety of finishes and colours ranging from the warmth and feel of wood to our elegant AENOX colours.

Key Benefits

Unique Cavity Clip System: Results in a drier, more comfortable home all year round.
Low Maintenance: The amount of time spent on home maintenance can be significantly reduced.
Paint-free: Unlike traditional weatherboards, Eurowood does not require painting.
Finishes: Flashings and mouldings can be colour matched for a flawless result.
Environment: Made of recyclable aluminium with solvent-free, electrostatically applied finishes , Eurowood is environmentally friendly.

Warranty: Eurowood  meets all relevant New Zealand standards. and finishes are guaranteed for a minimum  of 15 years* from application date. 
*Some conditions apply


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